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The Namsan Tower Assignment

The Namsan Tower
A video made by :
- Aulia Mutiara S. (07)
- Diani Pratiwi S. (10)
Class from X SCIENCE 7

Written caption :
     The Namsan Tower, a complex culture space in Seoul, is where the clouds seem to meet with Namsan Mountain. It shows visitors the harmony of Namsan's nature. The 21st century state of the art, resting with leisure, and various cultures.

     The Namsan Seoul Tower, which is a symbol of Seoul now, was established at the highest point to glance at the most beautiful images of Seoul. It is also Korea's first general radio wave tower from 1969, delivering TV and radio broadcasting in the Metropolitan area.

     The Namsan Tower has a new lighting system that makes the tower spectacular at night ; new facilities such as restaurants, shops, cafes, a lobby with a media zone where films and music videos are shown for free, two pavilions, one for exhibitions and the other for performances and the classic analogue observa…
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Descriptive Text (European Rabbit)

European Rabbit

The European rabbit is a smallish, grey-brown (or sometimes black) mammal, although it ranks as medium-sized by lagomorph standards. The European rabbit scientific classification is animalia, chordata, mammalia, lagomorpha, leporidae, and Oryctolagus. Mostly European rabbits are grayish brown in color and their undersides are pale color. Some white colored of the species are also found. European rabbbit has long, upright, straight ears. It is a furry animal. Eyes of European rabbits are set high on head, as in all rabbits, it helps them to detect food and danger from distance. European rabbit is a quadrupen animal, thus with four limbs and they use all the four locomotion. European rabbits are usually 13.15 inches to 20 inches in length. Tails of the European rabbits are 4 cm to 8cm long generally. European rabbits usually weight between 1kg to 2.25kg.

Female European rabbits are a little smaller in size and weigh less than the male European rabbits. This species of rab…
NOSASCOM : Number Opinion Age Size Color Origin Material

     Opinion     Size        Age     Color     Nationality     Materials     Noun

1.  Cool           round     old       black     Indonesian     rubber          bracelet

2.  Ordinary    normal   old        brown   Indonesian     paper            book

3.  Elegant      large       old        white    Korean           metal            smartphone

4.  Unique      small      new       white    Indonesian     wood           guitar

5.  Weird        large       new       black    Indonesian     glue             slime     

Student Leadership Basic Training
In my school, there is a event to train the student of SMAN 3 Bandung about leadership. We have been follow this event from Tuesday until Saturday. This is a fun event because you are required to stay in Pusenif for 3 days and 2 nights

The first day in Pusenif, we told to line up and practice how to line up lines. We marched in the middle of the field and the soldiers gave us a order.

we were very excited at the time because maybe this was the first day. after that, we were taken to the hall room and the soldiers also one by one explain some of the material concerned with defend the country and so forth. we listened and recorded the material until noon. at lunch time, this is time we remember as we followed this event, ie eating. when we were given box food, before we were asked to sing a song. the lyrics are :

when meal time has arrived
immediately towards the dining room
awaken the spirit, students
prepare the stomach to fill it

do not forget to sp…

The Reason

The Reason

On Saturday 26 August 2017, I can't attend the 'world tournament' event because I was sick from Tuesday until Friday .. I keep impose myself to attend the class, and finally I went to the doctor. After being checked, he said that I had to rest at home and shouldn't went to school for 2 days because I have typhus symptoms. So I can't attend the event.

Dialogue about Holiday Plan


Diani : Hey Aulia!
Aulia : Hello Diani! I'm so happy now.
Diani : I can see that through your face. I am sure you already have a plan for the next holiday.
Aulia : YAASS! Finally, it will be the nicest time to get some fresh air.
Diani : Yeahh!! I agree with you. Study           makes me headache. By the way,                     what will you do on the next                         holiday?
Aulia : I am going to visit Amusement Park.
Diani : Ohh, that's look awesome.
Aulia : Of course yes! I'm so excited now, This  is my first time to go there.
Diani : WHAT?! Really?! You never go there before? What a pity.
Aulia : Yeah, It's fine, it will be fun after all because my family came with me. But, It will be more fun if you coming with me too.
Diani : Hemm If I going with you, What will we do in there?
Aulia : We will going to Ferris Wheel, We will buy some cotton candy, and a lot of things we can do in there.
Diani : Waw, it's sound fun.
Aulia : So, do you …

Scary experience

Campers hear different songs in the middle of nowhere "A couple of years ago, my brother bought a large piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, about thirty miles or so from cell phone reception. It's quiet, there is no light pollution, no paved roads, and not a lot of people around. Shortly after he bought the place, our families spent a weekend camping on the land and doing our best to clean it up. On the second night we camped there, I woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak. As I was walking to the bushes in the dark, I realized that I could faintly hear music. This didn't strike me as odd because I knew my brother had a radio in his camper. I finished up and went back to sleep with no further thought on the matter. The next morning at breakfast, I mentioned the radio and music. Several other people recalled waking up at night and hearing music, but no two people heard the same music. Finally, the brother who brought the radio woke up. I asked him about …